Last year as we all know was the hottest on record, and this year seems to be continuing this trend unfortunately. This means that the upcoming summer will feature stifling temperatures and a strain on your budget in order to stay mistboxyoyocool. What does this mean for your summer budgeting, probably a whole lot if you are not taking proper steps now to offset your energy costs. One ingenious way you can do this is by getting around to putting in a solar powered solutions mistbox using bio-mimicry to cut down your cooling costs. 

The way this works is that the Mistbox addresses a costly key issue with your conventional air conditioning units; thus having to turn hot air into cool air. Your outdoor condenser units have the hardest job in the process, and using the sticky summer air to cool the re-fridge unit will make the air indoors cooler as well. The savings on your energy bill will be immense. 

Through borrowing from our own biology and the way we sweat and the evaporation cools us down, so too does the mist box cool the systems it is coupled with. After an easy installation, the unit then uses solar power to produce the mist that goes around the unit cooling it down. This doesn’t seem like it will do very much on the surface, however, some estimate that this will result in a savings upwards of 20-40 percent to your energy bill. Not to mention users of these technologies will also be qualified for a federal tax credit because of its solar panels, making it even more cost effective. Another near feature about this is that it can track your savings in real time to a smart phone app, as well as track how it reacts in certain weather conditions in an attempt to make sure you are getting the right output from your machine.

Now all of this is great, but it won’t mean very much if you don’t take care of public enemy number one when it comes to cooling and heating costs and that is your insulation or lack there or. Insulation is the make or break of any home, and can leave you sitting pretty in the heat of it all, or it can leave you hemorrhaging money until its cold enough to turn off your heater, then you can wait until its cold enough that you are hemorrhaging money on your heating costs, either way any dollar you put into insulating your house is going to come back to you several times over during the time you own your home.

This is big not only for the average consumer but for the nation as a whole. Considering that homes now account for over 20% of the nation’s annual energy consumption. That is big time usage, so when it comes to big time savings its not only important for you but for the infrastructure of the nation as a whole. We are in a transitional phase right now and efficiency is king. If we are going to dramatically change our energy infrastructure we need to first change the homes where that energy goes to.

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