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Today in residential construction we usually follow a single line of framing execution, and that is the light timber pop up framing. This is the first distinctly American building practice and embodies the pioneering spirit in that it takes geomuch less people to execute the raising of a wall. The problem is, this technique was developed for traveling prospector, not to the homeowner of today. So we need to rethink how to construct homes in general considering improvements in both performance and materials used. In this way the most promising development we have had in the past century has been the development of geodesic math and geodesic engineering for commercial purposes. Developed by visionary builder R Buckminister Fuller geodesics can be defined as line segmented sphere that triangulates a network to form a rigid dome structure that evenly distributed the weight in a kind of stable distribution of tension and compression.  Here are a few of the reasons why Geodesic home framing is superior to traditional practices.


  1. They are cheaper to build than traditional homes

You are going to save on not only materials of the project but the big one is time. Labor is always the largest expenditure on any work site so with a Geodesic framed home what is massively important is that you are allow to do most of the work off site in a shop which allows for much better quality control as well as a much speedier and aasmooth building experience. By taking weather and the fatigue of the sun out of the project coupled with the speed and rapidity that is inherent in geodesic building you are bound to experiencing immense savings.


2. Energy Efficiency

Given the spherical nature of the geodesic dome it is naturally the most efficient shape in covering the most living area with the least amount of ground surface space. When we compare this to similarly sized rectangular houses the geodesic dome will on average yield about 30% more living space per square foot per home. This also accounts for a 33% saving in lumber usage. When you consider you central appliances such as heating and air the dome is well ahead of the curve given that it is essentially an open air system. You do not need to pipe it across room to room in a corridor with ducts that are prone to clog and waste. You merely need a central point of air to equally and evenly distribute the heat. Not to mention that the circulation.



3. Disaster Insurance

Given the strength inherent to a geodome they are more stable against any kind of natural disaster than traditional timber framing. If you consider high winds in a traditional home with a large wall the wind would use it like a sail and compromise the shape. Snow is incapable of piling on the and collapsing roofs because there is no roof. Finally with something that compromises the foundation, such as an earth quack the weight is evenly transferred thus protecting against wracking of the frame.

2 x 4
In the flurry of life, it’s easy to forget to be curious about what we see; when’s the last time you wondered about who built your desk, or in what nation your blender was created? A similar question could be asked about your floors; how exactly are they constructed? This article will tell you a little more about that.

Before you can create the floor of a house (let’s assume it’s the first floor), contractors have to ready the site by removing any trees or foliage adorning the land and leveling the ground to the best of their ability.

Then the builders must create the foundation of the building. This could be done in a number of fashions and is generally done as is customary in whatever the region where the house is being constructed. The three most common foundations created are the basement, the slab, and the crawl space.

If the crew opts into the slab, the floor is basically already created. Most of the time concrete floors are then covered up by the more comfortable and temperature-insulated materials, but the basic shape is there.

If they make a basement or a crawl space, they’ll need to build a floor on top of the area they’ve dug out and supplied concrete floors, walls, and supports to. Often this involves creating a sill-plate made of pressure-treated lumber that makes direct contact with the bricks or cement of the crawlspace or basement wall. Sometimes these sills are not even connected to the foundation in any way which apparently doesn’t create problems.

The floor is then crated on top of the sill using 2 x 10 lumber or something of the like. Long beams must be supported that run down the center of the house, so there’s generally some aspect of the foundation there to hold them up. These center beams are generally also constructed from 2 x 10 lumber ad tend to be three pieces thick.

The 2 x 10s in the floor are called joists, and they all meet at this large center beam. Once the floor framing has been completed, it is covered with 1/2 or 5/8-inch plywood OSB. OSB stands or oriented strand board.

hardwood installationAt that point, you’ve got the bare necessity for a floor; you can stand on the plywood and it will hold your weight securely. However, you may have noticed that most houses don’t have plywood floors (or concrete, for that matter). That’s because it’s nice to insulate a house by adding another layer of material, and it generally looks cleaner and more homey to do so.

You may opt into getting hardwood floors installed, which just means putting thin strips of wood across the plywood. Carpet can also be glued or stapled down. Many home owners opt for both. Tile and linoleum are more common floor materials in American homes and work well in laundry rooms and bathrooms.

It may not seem so complicated, but it’s good to see how things get to be the way they are in this world and understand how the house you take for granted actually came to be.

Interior designers aren’t generally exceptional people; they just know a lot more about where to buy chairs than most people. Their successes generally derive from a mix of mediocre results and charismatic presence. That said, they do need to know how to keep a room from looking way worse than when it started or else they may get a 3 star on Yelp. Here are a few tips to help you keep from messing it up:

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

Brushes and paint-roller on a colour guide

Wait on the Paint

When it comes to decorating a room, there are so many decisions that need to be made regarding pieces of furniture, artwork, and upholstery that jumping into a wall color before you see your collection in person can be a huge mistake. If you fall in love unexpectedly with a piece of furniture that will change the course of your home decor plan, don’t put yourself in a position where you have to pick between that special piece and painting the wall again.

Less is More

Don’t let your inner packrat overcrowd your house. In terms of home decor, empty space is highly valued, which is great news for anyone decorating on a budget. Spend your hard-earned cash on a few great pieces and allow them to be highlighted by a lack of other furniture.

Hang Your Artwork at the Right Heighthanging art

Museums hang artwork so that each piece has a midline that is 4’9″to 5″ from the floor. This is because the average human eye level is at about 5’7″. You can bring the sophistication and accessibility of a museum to your home by doing the same. If you have high ceilings, disregard the urge to mount your paintings up higher; the point is for them to be viewed comfortably, not to highlight your soaring ceilings (which highlight themselves).

Do Rugs Right

The rug presents a common dilemma to the novice interior designer; furniture on or off or half on? According to the experts, it depends. If you have a large enough rug to put all the legs of every relevant piece of furniture on the rug without squishing all the furniture together, you’ve got a big enough rug for a luxurious look. If your rug is smaller, keep all furniture legs off of it but make sure it’s large enough to still be a significant addition to the room. If you’re somewhere in the middle, just put the front feet of all your seating pieces on the rug so that the arrangement looks like one cohesive group. The space will seem open, but put together.

Avoid Over-Theming

Unless you’re going to rent out your home as a vacation house, there’s really no reason to play up a theme too hard. You can go for the beach look without having pictures of sailboats and beaches everywhere, for example. Instead try using nautical rope as curtain rings or put up some pictures of beach plants to evoke the setting without being trite.

Layer Your Lighting

The right lighting can make a room seem to glow inwardly, a comforting change from the unflattering UV light of the office.  Team up a lit backsplash  with small directed lamps installed in the ceiling for a dramatic look that’s unattainable with one central light fixture.

If you need your job done in a right way, then you should hire a qualified flooring contractor. Various flooring materials demands lots of experience in order to properly install them correctly. If you are planning to hire a flooring contactor, then you should have some basic knowledge in finding the right one for you. In this article, you would get some useful knowledge on how to find the right flooring contractor easily without any problem.

flooring1First thing which you should do is the proper research. You should do proper and deep research on the several options for flooring material which you might be using for the project. If you are planning to install marble or granite flooring, then you can hire a flooring contractor as well.

At the time of searching for the flooring company, makes sure that the company staffs are properly trained for this purpose. Some companies don’t appoint highly trained staffs and it might create some problem for you during the work. So, before taking their assistance, you must ensure that the staffs have gone through the training period for the job.

Make sure you are checking out some prices for the several flooring material which you are planning to use so that you would have some good knowledge of the retail cost while talking with the flooring contractors. You should have some understanding about the extra expenses which may arise to maintain the flooring material.

After knowing the type of material, you can plan to install them with the help of the flooring contractors. You can find a flooring contractor which would have several references for you to call on and even inspect and go. If they are not giving you any references, then it would be better for you to stay completely away from them.

You can ask your acquaintances and friend for the references, but you must do your proper research before making a decision to choosing a flooring contractor. If any flooring contractor visiting your home to give an estimate, then you should see that whether they are bidding on the same flooring material and measurements. You can get a quote which may be cheaper than another but you should be careful in handling all these. You can also compare the services and prices of a few other flooring companies which can help you in finding the best according to your needs and wants. It wouldn’t only assure you the best service but would also assure the best value for your hard earned money.

flooring2Nowadays, finding the information of different flooring companies is an easy task. You can find the address and phone numbers of the flooring companies on the web. To get the best company for your purpose, you can check their website and their client reviews. Make sure you are checking the company information and get satisfied with the information you have got. If you are able to search the flooring companies wisely, then it wouldn’t be a tough task for you to get the best value for your money. So, contact them now!