in sink dishwasherWhile it may not feature pictures or even hit tunes performed by the 90’s boy band sensation, the In Sink Dishwasher still promises to add fun and compact pleasure to any kitchen, regardless of the size.

As city apartments get smaller and smaller and the tiny home movement picks up the pace, the appliance industry has searched ever harder for ways to make standard appliances fit into not-so-standard sized kitchens. In this environment where smaller and more energy-efficient appliances are valued more highly than ever, the in sink dishwasher was born.

As we all know, standard-sized dish washers take up a fair amount of under-the-counter space. Their installation can constitute a small to major remodel, and they tend to go largely under-utilized when used by a single homeowner or couple. If you don’t want to wash all your own dishes but you don’t think you need a full-sized dish washer or don’t have the space, an under sink, in sink or portable dishwasher might be the way to go.

in sink3But what are these strange and petite creations? In sink dishwashers are relatively new to the appliance scene and provide an entirely unprecedented revision to the standard dishwasher design. In a double basin kitchen sink, an in sink dishwasher would take up one of the basins sort of like a top-loading dishwasher. They hold about 5 place settings worth of dishware or a handful of pots and pans depending on their size. They’re as quiet as any dishwasher on the market, and far from taking up counter space, the lid actually functions as a cutting board, opening up even more counter space to the cozy kitchen cook.

in sink2This unique little set up saves both time and money; they conveniently save space, use half the water of a standard dishwasher, and can clean a load of dishes in as little as 15 minutes to half an hour. That means you’re going to be saving money every month when your utilities bill comes in, plus you don’t have to wait around for an hour just to clean whatever handful of dishes you dirtied. The dishwashers’ smaller size even makes them easier to load both in terms of finding space for them and being in a comfortable position as you file them away.

If you’re in love with the idea, keep in mind you don’t have to have a tiny kitchen to validate an in sink kitchen purchase. If you want a place to clean dishes in your wet bar or outdoor kitchen, both would be finely complimented by an in sink dish washer. They’re also helpful in large kitchens if you need a convenient and quick way to run small loads as needed or cram in just a few more dishes into a large wash cycle.

Want an alternative to the standard dishwasher but think the in sink might not be right for you? There’s plenty of other new takes on the old concept, including under sink dishwashers and portable dishwashers, which sit atop your kitchen counter.

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