We often multitask in our high tech, high paced way of life, but when it comes to the kitchen we are like molasses on a cold winter day. We often don’t know what to do, or how to do it and thus get frustrated and avoid the kitchen all together. This can get pricey, and fast. luckily there are a few hacks that can help you the most out of your kitchen. These range from the seemingly obvious to the seemingly impractical, but trust us these techniques can help make your pesto, the besto. From using your freezer to wash your cloths, to using the microwave to help you squeeze OJ there is money in that kitchen, you just gotta know how to get it. 

hot mamaThere are some things to consider before you start to hack your kitchen appliances, mainly that it is risky. Also that anything that breaks as a result of your tampering with, or disabling the regular operation of the machine would effectively render your warranty moot, so just some food for thought.

“people can certain get more out of their appliances but they need to be very careful when doing so, a warranty can sometimes be voided if an appliance was used for a purpose other than what it’s designed for. Moreover, the odds of an appliance breaking is much higher when using it for a different purpose, so its best to assess if the outcome is really worth the risk.” says Doug Rodgers

Up first if you Dishwasher. The dishwasher is an extremely versatile device that has applications well outside its design specifications. The reason  being that minus the detergent there are a lot of things you can do that fall into the realm of cooking and food preparation.

To poach salmon with your dishwasher, simply place your salmon in aluminum to make sure its as water proof as possible, and add whatever seasonings you want. The dishwasher reaches a high enough internal temperature that it will actually cook up your fish in a nice even way. When it comes to clean up down worry, the dishwasher can also clean itself up.

Also clean and cook potatoes in your dishwasher by placing them spuds on the top rack and turn on the rinse only cycle. will come out nice and cooked and soft and ready for mashing, honest. 

You can also get the most out of your gross old dirty rags and sponges. Lots of the time you just don’t wanna put them in the laundry, but you also are torn when it comes to trowing them away because that can seriously add up. So by just running a load with the ones you were planing on getting rid of anyways will get a little more life span out of your job and you will taste the savings in a jiffy. Another way you can get the most out of old tools you were thinking were getting a bit to gnarly such as your hand gardening tools is to give them a run in the old dishwasher and boom, good as new.

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